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Download Fast Traffic Bot Software which generates web traffic and income on autopilot. There are some different methods for the web traffic, like SEO which is bit complicated and also takes some time to drive traffic to your site. Other ways are easy, but cost a lot of money & also risky because you can lose a lot of money if you do not know what you are doing. So either way, it is a worry because it takes time and money both. This automation software can take the tedious and complex tasks of generating the web traffic & lets your computer automate the method so you do not actually have to do the work. Make no error about it, the business is still being done, but the software & your computer are doing the work alternatively of you. So Download Fast Traffic Bot Software and get web traffic hugely.

The goal of Fast Traffic Bot is to get free traffic from safelists. The software integrates with gmail to open, read and click links to earn credits. These credits are used to send solo emails to safelist members. These members will opt-in to squeeze pages, make purchases, click Adsense ads, etc. The key is to create targeted offers and/or drive traffic to quality affiliate


Step 1. Install the software

Step 2. Create 2 new gmail accounts

Step 3. Sign up for 5 or more safelists

Step 4. Configure the software settings

Step 5. Click Start and the software earns credits automatically

You can also use HumanCoder or Death By Captcha if you like (optional).

Here are a few safelists I signed up for:

Some Notes about Safe Lists: Every safe list that you sign up for will offer you various upgrades. Part of their business model is to get you to buy credits or other upgrades. You do NOT need to buy any upgrades to use Fast Traffic Bot. Our system can be used with no startup costs required. Some of the safe lists can be a little cumbersome to register for, because you have to go through several upsells, then confirm your email address(es), then maybe view more upsells, etc. However, keep in mind that you only have to go through that process once! Once you?re all registered for the safe list, you can let FTB do the work. All you need to do is login and post advertisements for the sites you want to send traffic to.

There are 1000?s more safelists, so there?s no shortage of potential traffic. Simply search Google for ?safelist sites? and then start signing up at various safelists that look good to you. Also please note that the safe lists listed as examples are not ours, and we have no control over them. It is possible that some of them could be gone or changed by the time you go there. If that happens, don?t worry, and there?s no need to submit support requests about it. As mentioned, there are 1000?s of safelist sites, so just keep moving down the list and use google to find more.

Additional Info.

It?s advised to use 2 Gmail accounts with Fast Traffic Bot. One is used as the account for signing up to safelist websites (Contact Email). You?ll receive some emails to this account, so do NOT use your personal email address. The other is account is your List Email, which can easily get 100?s of emails daily, so do NOT use your personal email address. This is the email account you use in Fast Traffic Bot. in fact, here?s another way of looking at it. Your goal is to get AS MANY emails as possible from the safe list sites. The more emails that are flooding your inbox, the more
credits you can earn.